When it comes to styling your home, having versatile and tactile pieces that you can use in a number of different ways is key. And being able to move beautiful artisanal wares from room-to-room to create new energy will really help you to continue to love your home and the objects within it. 

One of the most versatile are baskets. These handwoven African Tonga baskets are not only beautiful but functional too. Here are 5 ways you can use them within your home.

1. Bring your kitchen shelf to life

A simple way to introduce some personality to your kitchen is with a handwoven basket — all that texture! However, it's not something that will overwhelm your space. And if you prop it against a wall, it's not a permanent change — you can easily move around as you want and need.



2. Add interest to your coffee table

The obvious choice for a coffee table is a stack of books, but if you want to elevate your space, introduce a beautiful woven basket. It's a simple way to include an organic shape and is ideal for large rectangular coffee tables.


3. Elevate your dining table

Baskets are ideal to place on dining tables as a decorative accent. Not only do they offset the boxy-ness of a table, but they are low-lying which means they don't overwhelm the space, or impede conversation. Leave empty and allow the decorative motif to be the feature or add lightweight fruit, shells or beads.



4. Style up your sideboard

If you have a sideboard that needs a little love, consider a handwoven basket. It's akin to introducing a piece of art, but without the overwhelming commitment. It adds an organic shape to what is often a linear piece of furniture, and is easy to adapt over time.



5. Bring an empty wall to life

One of the best and easiest ways to bring a blank wall to life is with a decorative display of wall baskets. It is a way to create a personalised display without the price tag that can come with art walls. Also, you can easily adapt to the size of your wall, going as big or small as your space requires.