After another crazy year, the festive season feels all the more meaningful this year— an opportunity to slow down and spend time with much missed loves ones. One of the best parts of the festive season is sitting down to a beautiful meal and your table setting is an opportunity to get creative, play and create a frame for this sweet joyful time.

It doesn't have to be expensive either. Draw inspiration from the environment and season around you to create your palette. Try sourcing fresh seasonal produce for your table settings and use foraged branches in lieu of expensive floral arrangements. 

Keep reading for our top styling tips to keep it simple and beautiful this festive season.

1. Add a beautiful pendant
Start by adding a beautiful pendant over your table setting — this will draw the eye up and introduce a subtle glow. We love using our ivory round pendants for a softer look.

2. Create fluid forms
Drape a tablecloth of choice to create soft organic shapes around your table. By using minimal patterns and tonal colours as a base layer it will give you more opportunity to add interest with other details. Save yourself the trouble of ironing and let your tablecloth be creased and carefree.

3. Use oversized foliage
Styling your festive table is all about creating drama and impact. Introduce large olive branches or foraged native stems in a tall basket or vase to create height and give your table a festive feel. Use whatever branches inspire and feel right for your climate. 

4. Keep it casual
For a more relaxed table setting, stack beautiful textural ceramics to invite guests to help themselves. 

5. Add seasonal produce
Instead of spending money on expensive decorations that can only be used once a year, try using seasonal produce to decorate your table. Beautiful fresh ruby grapes, stone fruits, pomegranates or figs look just as good and they can be eaten too!

6. Bring in the warmth
Add amber table glasses and oak candle sticks with natural beeswax candles for a warm glow and a soft sweet fragrance. These subtle elements make the table feel ambient and inviting.

7. Sustainable gifting
For an added festive touch, wrap small gifts in recycled paper or cloth and place on each table setting. These thoughtful, personalised gifts can be used as place holders or name-tags for your guests. Top each one with some trimmed foliage or dried stems for a natural decoration.