For many of us, creating a tablescape for our festive feast is one of the many joys of this season. For others, it may create a sense of overwhelm or feel like another thing on the festive to-do list. But it doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Today we are sharing our top 5 tips to create a simple & beautiful tabletop.

1. Create a colour palette

Start by considering a colour palette for your table. In this instance, we have kept it super simple with shades of green and white on a neutral tablecloth. Try selecting 2 colours and playing with variations of the same tone. This will keep your table feeling calm and cohesive. 

2. Introduce something sculptural

Create visual interest by introducing a sculptural element such as a vase or decorative bowl. This will break up the table so it has different visual levels and also acts as a centrepiece. For this tabletop, we have used a beautiful papier-mâché bowl and vase (coming soon to our collection!). You can of course make these functional to hold foliage or fresh produce. 

3. Add a foraged element

You don't need to spend money on expensive floral arrangements to create a beautiful table. Instead, grab a pair of secateurs and go out into your garden to find something that inspires you or grab a mix of different element to play with — leaves, branches, flowers or pinecones. Add them to your vase or scattered directly on the tabletop.

4. Use festive glassware

Lay the table with some glassware with a festive element like these glasses with a twinkly copper band. You could also use crystal or some coloured glasses you might have at home to add a special touch.

5. Let your meal be the hero

This year we have opted for a dark glazed plate, this series has been designed to have muted earthy colours and minimalist forms to let your food truly shine.


Photography by Lynden Foss
Styling by Natalie Walton