With waning daylight and falling temperatures we often find ourselves sleepy and hibernating in our homes. The grey skies and frosted gardens encourages us to stay inside and enjoy the simple moments in life. In this time, curating pieces in your home or moving furniture can bring with it fresh energy and inspiration. These changes can be a simple as switching out a rug, moving furniture or introducing fresh flowers, anything that will elevate your experience of your home and make it a space you want to spend time in.

Here are some simple changes you can make to your home this season —

Add light

Lighting is not only functional in that it illuminates a room but it has the power to create mood and atmosphere. In the dark wintery months, we can use artificial lighting to replicate the natural cycle of the sun in the spring and summer months. This can elevate your mood and create a feeling of warmth. A simple way to do this is to introduce another lamp to your living space or an oversized dramatic pendant with a warm globe.


Frequent change during winter is a great way to keep things feeling fresh. Moving around furniture and re-imagining how the space can be laid out — let yourself get creative and experiment with your floor plan. The way furniture is placed, particularly in the living or dining space can facilitate conversation and have a huge influence on the flow of your home. 

Bring in life

Due to the chilly winds and frosty mornings, we often find ourselves inside hidden from the elements. During this time it feels good to bring in elements of nature whether that be a new plant, clipping some fresh foilage from the garden or sourcing some longer lasting dried pieces from your local florist, anything that will give us the experience of being outside.


One of the easiest things you can do within your living spaces is adding warm, soft layers. Using natural or renewable fibres like wool, linen and hemp create a beautiful softness and warmth that is important in winter. Layering can be as simple as adding some transitional pieces like wool cushions to your couch, a soft plush rug on the floor, an extra throw on the bed or a sheepskin on your occasional chairs.