Just one piece can make all the difference.

Sometimes it takes just one piece to not only transform your home, but how you enjoy your spaces every day. If you feel like your place is not quite right, it could be that you’re missing a standout piece that not only introduces instant visual appeal, but also helps make your life easier. 

Introducing three statement pieces to elevate your every day…  

Statement chair for instant update

We all know that the right chair can take any interior to the next level. When you choose an unexpected colour from our bestselling in delicious warm tones, you have the recipe for instant magic.

What you need to know:

New! This Olive Leather Dining Chair is our latest release and has quickly become a new favourite. Ideal for any interior project where you want to make an impact in a considered way.

The real deal You know that when you buy a product that’s handcrafted in an atelier in France you’re getting a good-quality piece that you can trust. 

Bestseller appeal Don’t just take our word for it, our Safari chair has made its way homes all around the world – from the UK to the US, Australia, and more! 


Sculptural pendant for eye-catching appeal

One of the easiest (& most affordable) ways you can create impact in your spaces is with an oversized pendant. Choose Ivory to cultivate a grounded feeling of calm or go for Taupe for warm vibes and earthy appeal. Which will you choose?

What you need to know: 

Firm favourite! Hands down, the most popular pendant of 2022 – and for good reason. Creates instant appeal in a range of interiors.
Smart investment Lighting is one of the smartest additions to your spaces. For the price, it creates the most impact. And will be what your friends and colleagues admire the most. Guaranteed.

Secret ingredient To offset the many “lines” in any given room, it’s important to create visual reprieve. A sculptural pendant does just that. It not only delights the eye, but gives it “breathing space”, and is the secret ingredient to making a space feel as good as it looks. 



Shelving with style & substance

The kitchen is the new living room in terms of where we spend our time and money. You want to make sure that your hardest working room of the house has equal doses of visual appeal, without neglecting practicality. That’s why these timber pantry shelves are a win-win! 

What you need to know:

You asked, we answered! After numerous requests, you can now shop the stylish pantry shelves from Natalie Walton’s kitchen.

Time-saver You no longer need to go out and find a carpenter to get this look. Instead, one of favourite local makers has crafted these timber shelves from sustainable Tasmanian oak.

“Done for you” solution Consider these shelves a “done for you” storage solution. They are ready to hang — no assemblage required.