At Imprint House we strive to find unique pieces that have a rich story behind them and are sourced using our SLOW principles. That is, is it Sustainable, Local, Organic and Whole. New maker, Jedda Clay truly embodies this ethos. She lives a mindful and peaceful life and hand-builds most of her pieces using an age-old coiling construction method. Working with clay allowed Jedda to break free from the confines of her office job and move towards a more creative life. In doing so, she connected with the earth and draws inspiration from it to create her quirky sculptural forms and glazes. Here's her story —

Where is your studio based?  

I am currently working from home which has been amazing. I've set up a studio in my spare bedroom where I hand build and store all of my ceramics. I also have my wheel set up under my balcony as it's a bit more messy!

What do you love about living in that area?

It's such a peaceful area, close to the beach and also across the road from a national park. In summer time I'll have a couple swims a day in between work and when it's not too hot I'll go for a walk in the park. It breaks up the work day and I get to enjoy nature and the fresh air, it's so grounding. 
When did you start making ceramics? How did you learn?

I started playing with clay around 4 years ago. I went halves in a block of clay with a friend and fell in love with the creating process. After that I tried to create something everyday after work, teaching myself and watching videos. I never went to a class, I've always taught myself with every creative outlet. 

What inspires you and your work?

I am always inspired by my friends and family. I am surrounded by such talented and creative humans, they are a huge influence towards my creative imagination.  

Where do you source your materials?

I go to my local clay store as it's quick and easy. Although, eventually I would love to source my own clay. I think it's a really special process when you are able to dig up your clay and eventually turn it into an art piece.

What is your making process?

I nearly always work with coils. I find I can create more interesting shapes and curves with that technique. I usually work on a few vases or sculptures at a time. This process means I can create bolder shapes, wait for it to dry a bit and then go back to it so it doesn't collapse on me!
Do you try to embrace slow living in your life and work? If so, can you share how you do this?

There is so much flexibility when you work for yourself. It makes you stop and really listen to your body and acknowledge how it's feeling. My morning routine is always changing, although I normally work out in the morning, then I'll make myself a coffee and just sit there with it, breathing and taking in my surroundings. After coffee, I'll start to plan the day/week, journaling down what I need to make. Then I'll pop on a podcast or audio book and start creating, taking breaks when I need to.