The story behind our collection of super soft woven towels is one that is deep rooted in innovation and tradition. Towels in Japan are particularly culturally significant and symbolise civility and cleanliness — from oshibori, a hot wet hand towel offered to guests before a meal to the larger towels used in traditional Japanese bathhouses or onsen.

Our towel collection is crafted by Kontex — a business founded in the city of Imabari on Shikoku island, famous for its towelp roduction with over 200 factories that twist, dye and weave yarn. Since 1934 Kontex has been producing superior towels that are super soft with an intricate weave.

Kontex's process involves beginning with only the best materials including fine, garment quality cotton that is loosely twisted for superior softness. These fine threads would tear on modern weaving equipment. This is why Kontex continues to weave their towels on traditional low speed machines honouring Japan's time-honoured techniques. This preserves the integrity of the thread and also helps to maintain the absorbency of the cotton.

A look inside the Kontex's Imabari factory

Kontex towels are not only soft and well-made but are also revered for their beauty. They are dyed naturally using bamboo charcoal, coffee and black tea to create timeless neutral shades and to maintain softness.


Images by Amelia Fullarton & Lynden Foss.

Kontex factory images sourced from Morihata Directory.