STYLE will show you how to transform
your home using what you own & love
and guide you towards the life you really want.

Now available for pre-order!


We are so excited to announce that our founder Natalie Walton's third book STYLE - The Art of Creating a Beautiful Home is now available for pre-order!

Natalie has been working on the book for over a year with photographer Chris Warnes (who shot her first two books Still & This is Home). In it, Natalie shares all the knowledge she's learnt from working in the interiors industry over more than a decade. The book takes a deep dive into how you can transform your home using what you own and love when you know how. It breaks down styling and what this really means — a way to elevate your spaces with what you've already got and a finishing touch that pulls it altogether and makes your space feel like a home.

As she writes in the book:

‘Style is at the heart of who we are.
It’s our story in visual form: a physical expression of how we feel.
And it’s what we choose to prioritise in our homes and lives.’

Our homes are how we can connect with who we are, and how we want to express ourselves, and share our story. Styling is how we can do this.

Natalie invites you to see your home with fresh eyes, and connect with your creativity.

‘The key to creating magic is knowing that you already have it; you just need to learn how to use it.’

The book is both beautiful and practical, a guide to style any space— from a beach shack to an architect-designed home. Styling is a both an art and science that you can learn. You can also gain a better understanding of your own personal style, as well as gain insights on how to transform every room in your home. 

The beautiful chapters explore identifying your style; design principles; transforming spaces; visual storytelling; and nurturing your craft. 

In many ways, this book as the third part of a trilogy about how we can create beautiful and authentic interiors that enhance our lives.

Book #1 — This is Home: The Art of Simple Living focuses on the 10 key ingredients that make a home.

Book #2 — Still: The Slow Home is about the important and necessary sustainable choices we can make in our home.

Book #3 — Style: The Art of Creating a Beautiful Home is how you can transform your home using what you own and love.  

  • Beautiful & inspiring interiors

  • How to cultivate authentic style

  • What you need to know about the art & science of styling

  • Insider insights on the creative process

  • The Source Book — Resources to help you create beauty at home


Sneak peek —


Pre-order the book today to get instant access to some resources to get you started on your styling journey & your chance to win a place in The Styling Masterclass (valued at $US797)! Claim your bonuses here.