The practice of basket-weaving is a time-honoured tradition, native to the northern region of Zimbabwe and is a beautiful expression of farming communities cultural heritage. It has been preserved and practiced for many generations and the weavers, primarily women, create intricate one-of-a-kind patterns. By investing in these baskets you are preserving the tradition of basket-weaving and supporting the female artisans who make them.

Traditionally, the Tonga flat round baskets were used for agricultural processes, made for winnowing grain (to seperate the grain from the chaff). Now, these baskets have evolved into revered pieces of art that can be displayed as decor around your home or in used your kitchen or dining area to store fruit and vegetables.

The Inongo baskets are made from the Ilala Palm, a palm native to Zimbabwe. These vase shaped baskets can be used as stand alone piece or to display dried foliage.