For this Spaces we take you to the beautiful studio of Amanda Stevens and her bespoke perfumery Rewild Co. We chat about how she creates personalised scents by pulling threads from her client’s own stories, how she applies the principles of slow living to her everyday life & work and the value of choosing authentic artisanal pieces to surround yourself with.


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My store is...

My name is Amanda Stevens, and I am a Perfumer and Scent Designer at Rewild Co. Perfumery. My Studio is located on the Limestone Coast on the most southern tip of South Australia, where everything is designed and created on-site. My clients range from hosted home owners to brands and companies.

What started Rewild Co perfumery? How did you get into creating scents

About 20 years ago, with one bottle of botanical extract, a chance meeting of a Perfumer and it started from there.

Since then, I spent time working for international cosmetic companies and realised that the world of perfumery had lost it’s spark to a world of mass production, packaging and celebrities.

I really wanted people to experience perfume in a more traditional way. So I decided to start my own collection and offer scent design. An opportunity for the creation of one’s own signature scent - giving the power to the individual to create their own scent based on their own story. This is slow perfumery at it’s finest.

What inspired the design of the Rewild Co studio space?

The historic building is the oldest in the area and used to be home to a Blacksmith, so I felt immense pressure to do it justice, but also needed it to be a functional and beautiful space for me to create from.

The old limestone walls and huge character windows that overlook the gardens along with the existing timber work really inspired how it came to life.
The studio is rich in authenticity and character and there is nothing in here that doesn’t need to be. It is a slow space because it represents how the scent in made by hand and details that journey.

What do you love about your work?

Practicing perfumery with clients and turning their story into their signature scent. There is nothing better than seeing (and smelling) a project come to life. But also getting to work with the most exquisite notes. The incredible Hinoki wood native to Japan; the aromas of Bulgarian Rose or the deep pockets of Oakmoss. Everyday is a scent wonderland.

Why did you choose the coast of South Australia as the place to open your studio?

After living in the mountains for 18 years, it was time for our family to shift. After only 10 mins of searching online, I had stumbled across this beautiful property on the Southern Coast of SA. The property consisted of the original Shearer’s Quarters, Blacksmith’s and Saddlery Rooms that the previous owners had so lovingly saved and restored. The beautiful buildings had my heart and we loved that just down the road is one of the best surf beaches.


What does simple living mean to you?

Simple living is a way of existing in this crazy world that is fulfilling and connects you to others in a meaningful way. It is paying attention to and valuing the processes. The perfumery studio is filled with artisan goods, where they have been handcrafted in small batches, or some have come from vintage stores. I choose this way because I am creating a world I want to live in using my choices as a tool for change. It also reflects the work I do as a perfumer.

If you have a free morning how would you spend it?

Always starting the day with a very hot black coffee and a free morning would be spent in the garden. I have a herb kitchen, an orchard filled with the most delicious fruits and a vegetable garden that I tirelessly work at any opportunity I can. In between planting, weeding, or googling “what’s wrong with my potatoes”, I also am trying my hand at wildflowers. I have dedicated a little spot for them and I check on them every morning.

What are three words that describe you best?

Creative, loyal and diligent.

What book can you recommend?

Lost Connections by Johann Hari

Learn more about Rewild Co. here
All photography by Lean Timms