Welcome back to our Spaces series. Bringing you interviews and behind-the-scenes tours from inspiring and creative spaces all around the world. 

This week's feature is extra specialto celebrate 2023's International Women's Day, we take a look at @welllivedwoman. A thoughtfully designed community space to encourage creativity and collaboration. A place where women (mostly) can find what they're craving in their personal journeys. 

Come read the story of Founder, Jaimi Brooks...

My story is…

I am a psychotherapist and women's group leader. An entrepreneur at heart, I love building a business from scratch. My previous career was in beauty and events which continues to inspire me in the very different domain of psychology. Most of my therapy work is with creative entrepreneurs and later-in-life moms who are struggling with the hard parts of trying to "have it all".


We would love to know more about The Well Lived Woman and what is offers...

The Well Lived Woman is a women's community space to support the people in living intentional, beautiful lives. I saw that my clients were looking for ways to grow in their lives and also to connect with others meaningfully and therapy wasn't always what they needed. The Well Lived Woman is meant to be the answer to that in L.A. (and soon virtually), a place where (mostly) women can come to find what they're craving in their personal journeys. 

We hold lots of different gatherings at the space. Some things are for self reflection and growth, some are for connection, and others are for fun and creativity! Every month is different in what we offer, we build the month around what's needed that time of the year. In March we have a weaving workshop, a moon circle, a sound bath, book club, co-working days, Al-Anon, The Artist's Way workshop, a couple of photoshoots, a journaling circle. All the things! 

We have a beautiful shop too. It's very edited down, only with things that add beauty or ease to my life personally. The things I know to help people in their personal growth, to encourage intentional living, or that I love having in my home. 


What inspired the design of the space?

Beauty is healing, comforting, and inspiring -- all things important to what we do at The Well lived Woman -- so we prioritized making the space beautiful. We went with a very organic, imperfect beauty because it's what I hope to support in the women who spend time there. For us to all appreciate what is natural and specific to us. Our interior designer, Sarah Sherman Samuel, really understood what I'd envisioned and brought it to life. We used earthy materials that feel as grounding and they look beautiful. Almost all the materials we used in the space are handmade and show the beautiful inconsistencies of the human hand. The terracotta tiles and light fixtures, the hand-applied plaster to the walls, the rough hewn wood for the shelving.  

I wanted the space to be feminine in a womanly way, solid and sure in it's softness. We stayed away from anything overly polished, glamorous, or sharp.

What do you love about your work?

I love being with women, imagining and then creating what I think would serve, and connecting people to whatever/whoever may be helpful to them in their lives.  I'm surrounded by incredibly kind, thoughtful, and talented people and it is a dream.

What does simple living mean to you?

It means appreciating all of the simple pleasures that make up a good life. Making abundant room for what is most essential.


If you have free morning how do you spend it?

My first go-to whenever I have extra time is to read. I'd spend all of my time reading if I could.  It's likely to though that I might spend the extra time organizing something which is super satisfying for me.  Or taking my boys to do something they've never done before, that's the best.


What are three words that describe you best?

At ease, bold, intentional.


What book can you recommend?

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese and The Paris Wife by Paul McLain are my all-time favourite fiction books. Untamed by Glennon Doyle is the book I recommend constantly to the women I work with.



Photography by Jessica Alexander @jessicaalexander