Meet silversmith and coffee enthusiast, Tommy Lane — owner of Studio Lane, founded and created with his partner, artist Amy Hunter. The studio is a creative hub, a beautiful minimalist space that unites a specialty coffee bar with a ring workshop.

We chatted with Tommy about the concept of the studio, the inspiration for the light and spacious design and the tricky balance between work and simple living.


My story is…

My name is Tommy Lane, I’m 29 years old and I am a silversmith. I was one of those kids who loved to try and experience everything, which is how I got into making jewellery. And in between the many jobs I have done in the past, I was always making coffee. Hence the amalgamation of my two passions: Studio Lane, a specialty coffee bar/ring workshop.

What started Studio Lane?

To be honest it was a very last minute idea that stemmed from finding the warehouse. The Fifth Lane (my jewellery label) was growing and needed a space, and the warehouse was way too big to just be a ring making workshop, so we thought of adding a specialty coffee bar to balance it out. And the business idea evolved from there. Our goal is to host art shows and other collabs, pop-up dinners and in the future a little organic wine bar. We’d love it to be a creative hub for likeminded folk. 

What inspired the design of Studio Lane?

The artist Amy Hunter is the brains behind the design. Her minimalist and neutral design was the perfect fit for the space. She drew inspiration from you guys (!) the colour palette of her artworks and natural materials.

What do you love about the cafe?

It’s warm and friendly staff and customers, they make the place what it is. The space is huge and spacious so it just feels so lovely to be in there. The coffee is just incredible (thanks Marvell Street) and who doesn't love a jaffle?!

Why did you choose the Central Coast as the place to open your business?

Since moving here from Sydney a few years back, I always felt the Central Coast was the perfect fit for what we wanted to do as it’s like a whole lot of little beachy villages attached to one another. And it’s still a developing area so we thought that building a creative hub with specialty coffee would only add to all the great places opening up around the Coast. Plus my family is here!

What does simple living mean to you?

Having a balanced life: work, lifestyle and family (although I haven't figured it out quite yet so any tips would be helpful).

But generally allowing time and space in your life for things that are fulfilling, and spending time with family and friends is what I feel simple living is all about.

If you have free morning how do you spend it?

Generally in the ocean, swimming or surfing. It really sets me up for the day.

What are three words that describe you best?

I can't seem to answer that so my staff have said, “overly excitable, fun and a warm energy”.

What book can you recommend?

The 5am Club.


Photography by @joshuatimothysmith

Ceramic mug image by @thomasjlane