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A beautiful and textural hat, handwoven by artisans in West Africa from Kinkanhe straw. Bolga basket and hat weaving is a Ghanaian craft from the Bolgatanga region. Kinkanhe or elephant grass surrounds waterholes and once harvested is soaked in water and then twisted together in small bunches to increase durability.

Available in two styles - medium and wide brim, each features a plaited leather neck cord. These hats are long-lasting, durable and are ideal for beach outings and days spent gardening as the brim will remain firm in all weather conditions. 

Note: As this is a handmade product, there will be variations in size and colour and subtle imperfections that only add to its character and unique appeal. 

Size As each hat is unique measurements may vary from hat to hat.
Medium - Circumference inside base of hat measures roughly 58cm. Crown depth measures between 6-8cm.
Wide - Circumference inside base of hat measures between 57-60cm. Crown depth measures roughly 11cm. 

Material Hand-woven Kinkanhe grass with a plaited leather neck cord.

Care To mould to your head, simple wet and shape then dry.

Origin Bolgatanga, Ghana.


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