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Using natural materials and time-honoured techniques the artisans at the Baba Tree Basket Co thoughtfully weave each basket. This company has consciously preserved the culture of basket weaving in the Gurunsi community, part of the Bolgatanga region for the past 15 years and now employ over 250 artisans. These artisans are compensated for their expertise and are paid a percentage of the basket retail cost as well as their wage making this a fair trade, ethical and sustainable piece.

Each basket has it's own one-of-a-kind form, texture and pattern created by the hands of a single artisan. They truly are functional pieces of art and will look beautiful in any room of your home. Use them for storage, as a planter or stand them alone to add depth and interest to your spaces.

Top Diameter - 50cm 
Bottom Diameter - 28cm 
Height - 33cm 

Material Elephant grass.

Origin Woven in the Gurunsi community in the Bolgatanga region of West Africa.

Care Gently scrub any marks with warm soapy and a soft brush then allow to dry fully in the sun. If your basket gets out of shape, dampen with a little water and mould into shape then let dry in the sun. Please note that the colours may fade over time if placed in full sunlight for an extended period of time.

If using for a planter, be sure to place a plate in the bottom below the pot to ensure the basket doesn't get damaged and remove the potted plant for watering. 

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