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After many requests following this image going viral on Instagram via Goop, we have finally managed to source these vintage pantry jars which are made by a company that has been operating out of the U.S since 1905. 

These jars are made from good quality glass with a timeless design. They are ideal for storing dried goods in the pantry such as flour, rice, pasta, cereal and legumes. They are also great for storage in other rooms of the home like your bathroom or office. Unlike plastic containers, these jars are made from thick glass which is non-porous and odour resistant so they are healthier and better for the environment. They feature a silver screw-on lid which often lasts longer than a clip mechanism. The jars also have a wide opening, making them easy to refill and scoop from. Available in a range of sizes.

Size 17.5cm high x 15cm diameter.

Material Durable glass with a silver metal lid.  

Care Dishwasher safe. Hand wash lids. 

Origin Made in USA.

Please note: The vintage jars in the image originally had yellow and green lids which were painted with Porter's Paints chalkboard paint. You can do the same, if you want to achieve the same look.

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