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or make 4 interest-free payments of $75.00 AUD fortnightly with Afterpay More info



The bestselling global course for interior styling. 

Let's be honest - if you're creating interiors and they're not getting the attention they deserve then something is missing. And that essential ingredient means big business. You should only be working with your dream clients. Otherwise you're caught in a frustrating cycle of spending time, effort and money - and a lot of hard work - into creating interiors that are never seen. Let me help you.

It's taken me more than 10 years and stepping inside hundreds of homes around the world to be able to distill why some interiors cut through and make a big impact not just on their designs, but on the bottom line.

But this is not about creating gimmicky looks. There's a science behind creating a standout interior, and it's something you can learn, and use over and over again no matter what your project or budget.

This strategy has helped me have my work featured on Airbnb's Instagram account of more than 4.4 million followers - twice! It has helped me promote bestselling courses to a global audience. And this formula has helped me create viral content for my online shop Imprint House that has been shared more times than I can count. Plus, it's enabled me to create a leading interiors book that continues to be an Amazon bestseller. So if you're an interior designer who wants to get your work noticed, if you're an Airbnb property owner who wants more bookings or have an online shop and want to sell more then this course is for you.  

When you join The Styling Masterclass I teach you the blueprint on how to create iconic interiors that get noticed. It's a step-by-step strategy that can be learnt and you can profit from.

Don't miss out! Classes usually sell out in under 48 hours!

Your interiors should be making a difference - for you, your clients and your business.

"I am loving the course and thank you so much for sharing all of your insights and knowledge. I cannot tell you how much I feel a sudden 'awakening' in my view of the world around me. I feel like I was walking around with foggy vision before I started this course! The amount I now see that I didn't see before is incredible."

"Buying The Styling Masterclass has been the best choice I have ever made. I am generally skeptical about online classes, but this course has some very precious gems. that have helped me a lot to understand the foundations of styling. Every time I'm styling a scene, I am looking at so many details now that I didn't think about before."

"It's been an incredible experience, and I have learned so much from your amazing course, now I understand styling from a completely different perspective."

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define and nurture your own personal and authentic style (instead of wasting any more time or money flitting from one look to another).
  • Craft a concise brief to have clear objectives for the vision and steps ahead so you can get to where you’re going quicker, and with fewer distractions along the way.  
  • Create a visual story using what you’ve got by applying styling principles and theories developed over a decade working in the interiors industry and which are still put into practice every single day. 
  • Style with confidence, after 6 weeks of focussed practice and valuable professional feedback on assignments.
  • Capture engaging photos for social media or your portfolio without needing expensive or technically challenging equipment.
  • Grow your Instagram following and audience, attracting your right people so you can focus on creating spaces you love.
  • Communicate your values through branding covering everything from logos to language.
  • Reach your ideal customers and communicate about your services or wares with actionable marketing strategies, and get an insider’s guide into the inner workings of magazines and publishing.
  • Build a business — or home or life! — based on a vision and your core values.
  • Embrace a creative mindset and make it an asset not a source of fear, fatigue or self-doubt.
  • Connect with a community of like-minded creatives from all over the globe.
  • Revisit course notes, videos and exercises as part of the course’s lifetime access offer.


  • Feel refreshed and inspired, and reconnected with what YOU love.


“Within six months of styling my work was featured in the top interiors magazines around the world. Within a year, I was hired by one of Australia’s leading furniture and homewares companies to style their catalogue. Since then I’ve been a regular contributor for titles including Inside Out magazine, House & Garden, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and created the book This is Home: The Art of Simple Living. Styling has helped me step inside amazing homes all around the world, and meet incredible people. It changed my life in the best possible way.” - Natalie Walton.  





“I have been blown away with the resources and organisation of The Styling Masterclass. Natalie has been more than generous, sharing her industry knowledge, her wisdom and her process. Her comprehensive feedback has helped me to improve week by week. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their imagery and content.” - Phoebe @shelterandgather


“You can never learn too much. Even as a stylist myself, I wanted to improve my skills and learn from someone with more experience and Natalie’s course was perfect for me. The notes each week covered each topic in detail and the videos were helpful in seeing the process coming together. I thank Natalie for the feedback after each assignment, as I learnt so many things during this process. I look forward to working on my own styling jobs and seeing how differently I now do things after completing Natalie's course.” - Jacinda @hideandsleep_interiors


“Natalie, thank you. Your course content was exceptional. I love that you approached this course with authenticity. I appreciated your willingness to share so much of your knowledge. I hope to learn more from you in the future!" - Becca Wright @bwrightathome



Insider Knowledge

I am sharing all of the tips, tricks and insights I’ve learnt from working in the interiors industry for more than a decade — from building sets and styling shoots in studios to sourcing props for location shoots, styling people’s homes, working on catalogue and campaign shoots, even styling my book. I've learnt a lot working as a stylist for magazine editorial and advertising clients, and I’m sharing everything I’ve learnt, including the valuable mistakes so I can save you the trouble.

How-to Videos

One of the best ways to learn is to become an assistant or an apprentice. And that’s what these weekly videos are — a way for you to observe and learn how to style key areas in the home. Plus, you get the added bonus that I don’t just show you what I do, but I also explain the process and break it down step-by-step.


Each week a different learning module is sent via email and includes theory explained in simple and easy-to-follow ways that will help give focus to your visual storytelling. Also, there is an in-depth look at different areas of the home, and the best tips & tricks to style them.


At the end of each week’s lesson a creative business topic is put in the spotlight, and insights and my favourite resources are provided on everything from branding to marketing and building a profitable business, to photography, social media and the creative mind. 


Every week students can send through questions which are answered in Live Q&As, which are also recorded and can be viewed at a later time.


Students are set homework each week to be completed by the following Monday. This deadline helps keep you and your fellow students accountable. Masterclass students receive feedback on all styling assignments completed during the course term time. It is an effective way to put the lessons and theory into practise. The course also includes many valuable self-directed exercises too.


Students of The Styling Masterclass can connect in the private Instagram feed @thestylingmasterclass. Inside this members-only feed, you will also receive more videos, insights, tips and tricks.



You will get: 

6 weeks of in-depth learning modules

6 weeks of personalised professional homework feedback

6 weeks of Live Q&As

Plus, private Instagram Community

And lifetime access

You can get complete access to the course - for life, including all updates - for incredible value. I will share everything I’ve learnt over the past 10 years working as an interior stylist and you’ll have a step-by-step guide on how to create spaces that get noticed so you can attract your dream client. 

The Styling Masterclass 

Price: $AUD897

Upgrade offer: $300

Limited places. Class usually sells out within 48 hours.


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” - Benjamin Franklin


Please put your Instagram handle @yourname in the notes section of your order, and send through a follow request to @thestylingmasterclass.


* Due to the limited size of the classes, workshops are non-refundable. Please read our terms & conditions before enrolling.

* By enrolling in this course, you agree that your work and feedback may be shared within the course notes and for marketing purposes, such as on Instagram. Please notify us if you wish to remain anonymous, or have any special requests.  

* ONE student ONLY per enrolment. 

All inquiries to



Natalie shares everything she knows about creating spaces and styling interior and lifestyle scenes. Each week you are introduced to key concepts and insider knowledge that has been gained over a decade and hundreds of hours in the industry. You will learn how to style a home, interior scenes, flat lays and more, and receive individual feedback from someone with a wealth of experience.

Each module will incorporate actionable ideas you can use in a variety of situations, and you will receive practical assignments that you can cater to your needs, brand or business. You can download the content in your own time and complete the assignments to suit your needs each week. It doesn't matter where you live or what time zone you're in, this course is easy to attend.

This is for creatives, small business owners, homeowners, interior lovers, emerging stylists and home stagers, and anyone who loves learning. If you have or want to start your own business, Natalie will teach you the foundations of creating beautiful imagery, captivating photos that create a story, establish a brand and sell your wares. Everything you need and want to know about styling.

There is also a strong photography element (but your phone's camera is absolutely fine) because this is now an essential skill for any stylist.

The Styling Masterclass is for anyone who wants to style for work, pleasure or just create a beautiful home. 

What students said:

"Natalie has an incredible eye for styling and amazingly creative mind that she has let us tap into and learn from. Those Monday morning emails couldn’t come fast enough - each week’s lesson was packed with styling info, inspiration and how-to videos, along with further reading recommendations about all aspects of styling and creative business. I feel a good teacher bounces off their students and grows and adapts their teaching as they get to know their class. Over the six weeks, I noticed Natalie’s lessons did just that - the content was richer and more informative as we went along, lessons reflected the questions students were asking, and Natalie herself relaxed into her teaching role and looked more and more comfortable as she spilled all her styling secrets. I thought I knew the basics of styling but Natalie really made me see the art form in it and how much thought really goes into those pretty little scenes you see everywhere. It was an enjoyable, informative 6 weeks and I’m just sad it has ended! Thank you!"

"The Styling Masterclass is such a great course with fantastic content, videos, content, imagery and projects to work on each week. Perfect to harness any creativity, hone your craft and work on your personal style. Loved it and would definitely recommend. Thanks, Natalie." @mubu__design

"Natalie is so generous with both her time and her course material. This course would help develop the skill set of any budding stylist in a very real and tangible way. Thank you."

"Thank you Natalie for a wonderful experience. Your styling Masterclass was so thorough, informative and aimed so beautifully for creative professionals. I enjoyed your refreshing honesty and helpful guidance. Thank you for generously sharing your amazing industry know how with us all. Many, many thanks."

About Natalie Walton

Natalie Walton writes and styles for leading interior and lifestyle magazines, and is author of the This is Home: The Art of Simple Living. In Australia, her work has been featured in Country Style, Frankie, Harper's Bazaar, Home Beautiful, House & Garden, Inside Out, Marie Claire and Real Living, among others. In the UK, she has been published in Elle Decoration, Grazia and Living Etc. Through the editorial content agency she runs with photographer Chris Warnes - Warnes & Walton - her work has published across the world - from France to Brazil and Denmark to Singapore. Advertising clients include Dorf, Freedom and Optus as well as smaller boutique businesses, including Cultiver Goods and Tigmi Trading. Natalie has also hosted workshops at the Apple store in Bondi, Sydney and been a speaker at Studio B in the USA. Previously she was deputy editor at Real Living magazine and worked as a news journalist. During this time Natalie produced and presented daily video reports and was a regular speaker on ABC Local Radio.