photographer hallie burton

Five and a half years ago Hallie Burton packed her suitcase and headed to New York. She was continuing to follow the advice of a former next door neighbour, Ken Middleton, who had made a name for himself as a fashion photographer. "Just go and be a photographer," he told her while she was studying photography in Sydney, and contemplating heading into the world of assisting. Hallie more than listened to his advice - she headed to the Big Apple and now counts Martha Stewart Living, Vogue Living, Living Etc, Harper's Bazaar and Inside Out magazines as clients.

Which five words best describe you? I have to ask my husband!
How did you get your career start and what path have you taken since? I always shot portraits - which I love - yet always wanted to be an interior photographer and thought I never could be. Vanessa Holden helped push me over that hurdle and My Mr Cheong continued to push with Chris Coonrod, Sheridan Davey and Megan Morton, these inspiring people kept things moving with me... for this I am grateful to all of you. Always. You too Mr John Maloney.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along the way? I always trust my own instincts with everything... they are always right.
What’s your proudest career achievement? I would think moving to New York, and working with the Dalai Lama... how could it not be. And the amazingly beautiful Club Wedd project I did for Target.
What’s been your best decision? Moving to New York and marrying my husband. Well, my husband, how could I not? And New York gives you a feeling nothing else can!
Who inspires you? My husband and daughter, my friends... my daughter thrills me and leaves me wondering daily. Paolo Roversi, he is amazing. And I have to say the photographer who I truly love and have worshipped for at least 20 years is Australian expat Martyn Thompson - really how amazing is he. I love everything he does, everything! My parents because they just let me be, they don't control anything in me. They have always just let it unfold and its a beautiful way to be with your kids... Hans Freymadl: yes you, for your insanely beautiful work always. There are so many more...
What are you passionate about? My daughter. Giving her all the skills to succeed in life is something huge in me. It's my commitment to her. And my life as a photographer luckily enough provides her with life experiences that she will always have. Together they are my passions. One passion helped me get the other... Tennis! HA!! Yes, really!! Like a crazy person. If Federer does not win one more grandslam I will have a breakdown... Photography and design move me the most in this world. Really move me. The beauty in it gets me every time. And Mad Men. I wake up daily dying to know what Don Draper is up to!
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? I would love to meet Anton Corbijn and find out what joining the priesthood and photography could possibly have in common in a way of following one's passions. Thank God he chose photography as he is beyond brilliant. John Pawson as his idea of minimalism is out of this world beautiful. I'd love to have high tea with Frank Lloyd Wright and Paolo Roversi and see the personal collection of Richard Avedon. Also I'd love to meet Piero Lissoni and charm him into sending his amazing Toot sofa our way. And who wouldn't want to meet Ingo Maurer? And for the love of sport, Roger Federer.
What dream do you still want to fulfil? Right now the dream I want to fulfill is getting our renovations finished. It's taking forever and I have this vision in my head that needs to come out. It needs to set me free so I can move on. Hopefully to an exhibition here in NYC. Two tasks that for myself I really really need and want to complete. And I want to ski like a champion. And invent a baby bottle that doesn't leak: that's really important!
What are you reading? Well, when I get the time to read... I have three on the go: Just kids by Patti Smith for my creative juices; Happiest toddler on the block for my motherly juices (living with a two-year-old needs a little navigation); and for myself and my diehard love of tennis I have just started Rafa. I alternate on my ipad daily to keep myself sane.

images courtesy of hallie burton