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Donna Hay Magazine has just turned 10 years old. One of the stylists who has been a big part of the publication has been editor/stylist Lucy Weight. While she is now freelancing, for eight years she was the talent behind a whole host of features, including the ones picture above. Lucy also styled the "Welcome to Sydney" party for Oprah Winfrey when she was in town last year.

Which five words best describe you? Dramatic, peaceful, excitable, passionate, (and a little bit) cheeky.

How did you get your career start and what path have you taken since? My family members are all artists in some form or another, but being ever rebellious, I took on bookkeeping, a safe and reliable career in NY for 3 years. After September 11 I realised how much I missed the ease of Australia – parks, beaches, good coffee and, of course, my family. Not sure how I could combine my love of food, creativity and (believe it or not) structure and routine, I spent some time working in my uncle’s shop The Chefs’ Warehouse.

Donna (Hay) would often come in looking for real French kitchen equipment. We had a friendship from the start, so when her merchandiser/stylist at the time – Vanessa Austin, also a great friend – came in I talked about the possibilities of doing some assisting work for free for experience.

I remember on my first day, a location shoot in Darling Point, two things happened: I broke a prop and fixed another with some improvised glue – nail polish from my bag. It was an adrenalin filled day!

I continued to work with the dhm crew for another 8 years. Part of my role there was merchandising for other stylists’ (along with my own) stories. It enhanced my ability to interpret a brief everyday – an invaluable skill in this line of work. I am now working freelance and loving the adventure.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along the way? To really stay alert creatively. You never know when something will inspire you and to stay true to that vision and in the end the harder something is to achieve, the more worthwhile and satisfying it is likely to be. Oh, and there is no such thing as too much bubble wrap.

What’s your proudest career achievement? To date that would be styling the welcome to Sydney Oprah party with Donna Hay as creative director for the event. It was an experience I will never forget and an opportunity rarely available
(who wants to say never!?). It was 24/7 fingers on the dial type work: emails and phone calls taken at 2am when ideas would come to mind. I loved every minute of it, as I was able to work along side Sydney’s most significant and respected companies and brands to create an event that would essentially be part of one of the biggest Australian tourism campaign’s in the USA. I met some amazing people on this job who helped change, support and inspire the direction of my career.

What’s been your best decision? The most recent, best decision I made was to embark on a freelance stylist career. I’m in month two and it has already been so rewarding and empowering. People may not realise, it requires lots of determination and confidence to get out there amongst it alone in this world whatever you do. I’m really proud to be doing it.

Who inspires you? Wow, so many people. For their souls: my Dad and my partner Andrew and my son. For their creative approach and vision: Steve Pearce. Sibella Court. Donna Hay. Glen Proebstel. Sue Fairlie-Cunningham. Saskia Havekes. David Starck. Deb McLean. The Remodelista team. Lynda Gardener. Gaye Chapman. For their rebellious and voracious approach to life: my mum and Charlotte Weight.

What are you passionate about? Tones, texture, movement, light; all of these things in a still image can take my breath away. Taste and smell would have to be my top two senses. Taste is my indulgent one, but scent is completely magical for me. It’ll stop me in my tracks and take me back and even forward in time. Family; I am fortunate to have one that I love to spend a lot of time with – they really make me laugh and feel full. I also feel that respect in all forms is key to a better career and can transform all aspects of our lives. It’s a very underrated trait that was such a huge part of societies history, but somehow now, not so much.

Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? Currently Tim Walker. I say currently because I still have the chance.

What dream do you still want to fulfil? My career goals and dreams will be ever changing. But I have always wanted to buy a space, rip its interior out and create the perfect home. A place that has outdoor areas inside, inside areas outside, light from the sides and above, smooth hard floors, levels that aren’t always directly above/below one another. A place that has little areas that you can drift between through day and night. One day, I will be surrounded by rubble and dust with a sledgehammer in hand and it will be so exciting.

What are you reading? Dad, my brother and I swap crime books – I enjoy absent-mindedly following their path. I am constantly reading the gutter or on-page credits in any design/interiors mag: InsideOut, Belle, (Inside), CASA Vogue (any issue will do!).

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