floral garden styling shoot

The September issue of real living went on sale today, and it includes a garden shoot I styled. On the day I had the help of Catherine Morgan, who did an amazing job bringing my "vision" to life. The starting point was a favourite reference from Elle Decoration of an enchanted garden. Thanks to Catherine's handiwork with safety pins, you'd never know that underneath were regular foam seats from Clark Rubber. Extra brownie points went to Catherine when she said the double-page spread set-up (you really need to click on it to see what's going on) reminded her of Liberty of London. Deb added that the scene had a touch of Burberry's recent campaigns. But I think that might have been more related to the seated girl wearing socks and an overcoat than anything else. All I see is me running up and down a million steps, scrambling to tidy up the shoot afterwards, getting lost in the back streets of Palm Beach in the dark, racing to get back into the city so I could collect my son from daycare before getting home to pack for a flight to Italy the next day. I have to admit, though, there was a moment when I just wanted to sink into the pile of cushions on the floor and just feel the sun on my skin.

images courtesy of real living and michael wee

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