designer michelle adams... take 2

A few of you have asked me to write about Michelle Adams' talk today, so here goes...

In the previous post Michelle described herself as:
Motivated - well, I'd say definitely. She not only told us about how she managed to get a job with the holy shrine of interior mags,
Domino, the week after she graduated from college but how she was bursting with enthusiasm to establish her own eco fabric business Rubie Green about a year ago.

Goofy - for sure, and add to that funny. She's quite a comedienne in a subtle, I'm going to be very honest, kind of way. I'm sure she must have been everyone's friend at high school. Michelle was great with the one-liners when it came to talking about everything from how Abercrombie & Fitch is a "big deal" at high school to whispering into the microphone that a designer's work is just a bit "stuffy". Which brings us to...
Honest (too honest for my own good most of the time! haha) - I'd add brave, too, as part of this mix. There are not many people who are sincere enough to get up at a design fair talk and actually be themselves and express their personal opinion (I must add, in an endearing and not-at-all-nasty way). Michelle gave us examples of designers' works that she esteemed but just weren't her taste and similarly with eco design, showed us products that were a little bit too "granola" for her liking. It was like having a one-on-one honest conversation with a great, honest friend. Speaking of which - I bet she's great to take shopping, you know, the type of friend that we all should have who really tells you (for your own good) when you don't look good in something.

Sincere - it was clear that Michelle was very passionate about Rubie Green - creating gorgeous fabrics that, hey, just happen to be eco-friendly too. She champions the idea that eco products should be just as stylish and affordable as other products and exemplifies this with her fabric range.

Passionate - about design, fabrics, the environment, New York, enjoying life... she had me sold on wanting to buy some Rubie Green, especially in the form of her new bedlinen range, which we got to see a sneak peak of - as you can imagine, it's equally as stylish and cheery as Michelle.

Image courtesy of real living