taschen's paris

About a week ago I received the best present yet, and it wasn't even Christmas-related. It was Taschen's Paris. What is it about Paris? It's like the city has managed to bottle all that is wonderful with the world and set it free somewhere between Ile St Louis and Ile de la Cite. Paris seems to be one of those cities that just brings all sorts of wonderful memories and thoughts to people. For me, I love that everyone there is so passionate about their life. From bakers to florists to policemen. They all seem to take pride in their work. So, yep, I am one of those who gets all misty eyed about the city of lights. And while Paris is my favourite city in the world. Taschen, well, that has to be my favourite publisher. This is, after all, the company that has just re-released the exquisite Peter Beard diaries. Anyway, back to Taschen's Paris. It is a collection of hotels, shops and restaurants all hand-picked by Angelika Taschen. Looking through the pages makes me happy. It reminds me of all the wonderful experiences I've had there... and has my fingers twitching to organise another trip back!

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