Some days are just meant to be good. You wake up, having had a great night's sleep, and things just fall into place. If you're lucky this happens on your birthday - like what happened to me this morning. Yep, another candle was added to the cake today. So what's this got to do with Kartell? Well, I stepped out the front door of the apartment and saw a spectacular dawn then about 100 metres down the road was a pile of furniture on the side of the road. This is fairly commonplace in Bondi, unfortunately. Most of the time it really is rubbish - completely unsalvageable. But this morning I spotted two Kartell Componibili units languishing on their sides. I prayed they would still be there when I got back - and they were. It was like Bondi was giving me a birthday present. Yippee. The only problem is that they have gone a little yellow. Does anyone have any tips for how to restore them to their 1969 glory?

Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy