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One of the great discoveries during my recent trip to Brisbane was meeting photographer Alan Jensen... no, make that two of the great discoveries because Alan introduced me to the work of his partner Cath Conroy, a great photographer in her own right. And a ball of energy, as you'll soon discover:

What five words best describe you? Driven, persistent, expressive, talkative, multi-tasker.
What's your proudest achievement? The first time I wrote "photographer" as my occupation on a travel departure card.
Who inspires you?
PJ Harvey, Steven Klein, Bill Henson, Michel Gondry. My girlfriend Katie (who gave up her job to work half way around the world on a yacht) for having the courage to challenge what life holds for us.
What are you passionate about? Beautiful stationery and cards for handwritten notes, the beach and blue skies, Turkish delight and cups of tea, music and world maps. Being the best I can be and making a valuable contribution.
What's the best lesson you've learnt? It's tried and true: you get out what you put in.
Which person living or dead would you most like to meet?
Nan Goldin for her beautiful pictures and rich life.
What are you excited about? Mario Testino's book - Let me in.
What's next? Learning a languague (one day), making beautiful pictures, travelling the world, a weekend off.

Images courtesy of
Cath Conroy.

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