Your sofa is at the heart of your living room and is most likely one of the places you or your family spend much of their time. Here's some tips for styling your sofa to create a space you love.
Step 1 — Create a base
Begin by creating a comfortable simple base to build upon. If you need to, start fresh by stripping down your sofa of all cushions, readjust covers and then neatly place the sofa cushions back on. Be intentional about how you want the space to feel and use that as your guide.

For extra comfort, try adding one or two cotton mattresses at the bottom. This will start creating your palette and make for a soft and inviting place to sit.

Step 2 — Constrain your palette

Constraining your palette is the key to creating a home that feels cohesive and elevated. It also makes rearranging your home easier if everything goes together and it will allow you to mix styles together in a way that feels considered. Embracing neutrals will keep the space feeling peaceful and calm. 

Step 3 — Build layers
An integral part of styling any space is building layers. Layers will create a sense of luxury and comfort and also add personality to your spaces. Adding a mix of cushions and throws to your sofa is a great starting point in your living room.

For a more relaxed feel, keep the styling of your throw loose and soft. You can do this by pinching the middle of the throw in the air so it creates a triangle shape and placing it so it falls from the seat to the floor with the pinched section placed at the back with cushions on top. For a more formal look, neatly fold the throw and place it over one of the sofa arms.

Step 4 — Mix & match
Mix and match cushions with different sizes, shapes and patterns all within the same palette to create interest and rhythm. Introducing different textures is crucial to create depth too. Our new range of wool cushions and throws is ideal for this as they are designed to complement one another seamlessly.