photographer + stylist kara rosenlund

Kara Rosenlund spent much of her 20s dedicated to photography. She was the youngest recipient of the Canon Australian Institute of Professional Photography "AIPP Photographer of the Year" award and from 2003 worked across advertising campaigns and magazine titles. Her photos were exhibited at the Sydney Opera House too. However, Kara decided to take a break and head to London where she swapped industries and worked in antiques. On returning to Brisbane in 2007, she combined her interests in styling, buying and photography with her Travelling Wares shop, in the caravan "Frankie", pictured above.

Which five words best describe you? Loyal, observant, grateful, ambitious, loving.
How did you get your career start and what path have you taken since? I started my career at 20 after studying photography. I experienced a lot of success early on within the photographic industry, both locally and internationally with my exhibiting work. At the time I thought of myself as being extremely "lucky" to be receiving such accolades and recognition. In reality I was very dedicated to the work and I probably gave up a good half of my 20s to it. After working as an editorial and advertising photographer in Sydney, in 2006 I decided to have some time off and move back to Brisbane and then on to London. It was in London that I decided upon a different career path, that of an antiques buyer, which strangely lead me back to photography and styling when I returned to Australia a couple of years later to start my new business.
What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along the way? Gosh, there are so many of them. Probably that stressing actually doesn't get anything achieved, it just makes it more daunting in your head and you waste a lot of energy time - just get on with it.
What’s your proudest career achievement? Apart from having a photography exhibition at the Sydney Opera House it would have to be starting up Travelling Wares here in Brisbane, my travelling caravan old wares shop. It made me recognise my strengths and then bundle them all under the one umbrella - photography, styling and buyer - and turn them into a business. This has made me very proud and grateful that I now have created an avenue for myself to push my ambition and drive in to.
What’s been your best decision? Starting Travelling Wares. Being honest with myself and recognising that I needed to take a risk and create something of my own which allowed me to be creative. I realised that in order to move forward, sometimes you need to look back. As soon as I found my beloved 1956 "Frankie" and decided to pick up my camera again. Everything just fell in to place.
Who inspires you? My brand new husband Timothy O does; he has such clarity in every situation, which brings innovation and patience. I love his mind, and how he thinks. Also my father; I think about his hardworking approach to his humble business and it inspires me daily.
What are you passionate about? Our home life. It is such a privilege to be able to carve out how you choose to live and have the freedom to enable it to happen. To have a happy and safe place to nurture relationships, have animals and essential harbour love is very inspiring and something which I am very appreciative of.
Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet? You know, I think I would have liked to have met Steve Irwin. I know that some people may disregard Steve Irwin, though it really is phenomenal what he achieved for the wider community and the level of awareness he was able to raise through his pure drive and appreciation for animals and conservation. I often think of him and how he truly must have believed that he could really change the world and what a desire that must of felt like.
What dream do you still want to fulfil? I would love to have a permanent shop. Even though I have an online shop and the caravan shop I still yearn for the solid bricks and to share the experience with people, and styling more cook books.
What are you reading? Oh dear. This is going to sound dreadful. I am not reading books, rather flipping through magazines - Gather Journal, World of Interiors, Kinfolk, Monocle, Vogue Living. Between juggling my business, our house renovations - which we do all ourselves - and spoiling our chickens, there is no spare time for proper book reading. I have tried to read, though have shamefully fallen into a slumber too many times. I'll get back to reading next year.

images courtesy of kara rosenlund