(home.inspiration) scott weston

Well, after the recent post on all things white, I had to share with you the colour explosion that is Scott Weston's home. And I'm pretty happy to say that his inner-city terrace is actually just as amazing in real life as in the photos. I have to add that his home actually has a very relaxed comfortable feel. The colours are warming rather than glaring - just goes to show that Scott really knows about chosing the right tones! About a year ago I met him at his home-cum-office to discuss showcasing some of his architecture and design work in real living. We subsequently featured his courtyard garden in the Jan/Feb 09 issue. And ever since Scott has been a great font of information for me. Hopefully I can feature him on Daily Imprint soon too! Before I forget - you can take a tour of Scott's house on Apartment Therapy.

Images courtesy of Scott Weston and Apartment Therapy