Julie Palmer is a designer who creates handmade homewares using textiles, printing and ceramics. She's based on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

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Describe a typical working day It tends to be a little different every day. I’m not really sure if there is such a thing as a typical day in my world. But my favourite working days always involve lots of making and as little admin or time in front of the computer as possible. 

What are your preferred tools, materials and equipment? Everything I do is a handmade method of making so my favourite tools and equipment reflect this - silkscreens, wood block stamps, inks, linens and hemp/organic cottons for printing. My potter’s wheel, clays, glazes and, my most treasured item, a small inexpensive wooden tool that I use to make marks in the clay.

How do you dress for your job? When I’m working in the studio I can’t be too precious when it comes to clothes as they usually get covered in clay, glaze or ink. It’s usually jeans or leggings, a tee and Converse, and always with an apron. 

What is the current state of your desk or creative space? Truth be told, I have a tendency to make a bit of a creative mess, although I thrive and find ideas flow much more readily when I am surrounded by order. Right now my desk is tidy and my studio is a little bit of a mess.

What's your approach to managing technology - from emails to social media? I do what I can, when I can and whilst I like to be consistent, I don’t put pressure on myself to produce content, reply to emails that aren’t urgent, etc. I check in daily with Instagram, which is my favourite social platform.

When and what do you have for lunch? Quite often all I eat is some avocado and fetta on sourdough or leftovers from last night’s dinner. I love what I do so much that lunch is a bit of a distraction on my “work” days. I like to eat quickly and get back into it. 

What's your preferred pick-me-up? A fresh green juice, getting into nature, a scroll on Pinterest, or a cuddle from my four year old. 

How do you combat physical or creative lulls? If I’m feeling physically sluggish I get my body moving by going for a walk or a yoga class. I’m lucky in that I work across several creative fields. So if I’m in a bit of a creative rut with one, I move on to the other. It’s not easy to have a creative lull with clay though, I must say. I usually have more ideas than time. 

What role does silence or sound play in your day? Recently I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and audio books whilst I work. A little bit of conversation is nice to hear when you work alone. At other times I crave silence and get lost in my own inner world/ideas. When I’m under pressure to get a large order made I like to listen to music to give me some momentum and make the fast pace fun. 

What’s the last thing you do before finishing work for the day? If I’ve been working with pottery I check over all my work and make sure none of it needs any attention. Give the studio a quick tidy, pull my roller door down and shut up shop for the day. 

images courtesy of olive and joy

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