festive table settings

There are always new discoveries to be found when styling for a large studio-based shoot. Like black keyhole cutlery from Seletti - via the Wedding List Co. And a matt gold set from the same brand and company too. Also Ornamenta had a great range of tasteful decorations. 

Ideas sometimes manifest after a rummage through the props store room. Hessian coffee bean sacks became rustic placemats. And sheets of music were turned into paper chain decorations.

Flowers and foliage always add texture and colour. A palm husk from The Floral Decorator provided a different take on a vase. Perfect for natives on the shoot day - and I'm currently using it to display gum leaves. 

And what the images don't capture is the smell of orange pomaders - cloves inserted into peel to create a spicy fragrance. Definitely worth a try, if you haven't done this before.

The shoot, shot by Scott Hawkins, appears in the latest (December 12) issue of House & Garden magazine. 

images courtesy of house & garden; photography scott hawkins; styling natalie walton

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