(babyccino.) we heart books

I'm still writing over at Babyccino, so if you have a little one or need to buy a gift for one then drop by because the group of writers share the best finds and always have great ideas for cooking, craft and everything inbetween.

One recent find that I shared was We Heart Books, which I discovered at the recent Magnolia Square event in Sydney. I wrote about it here.

Image courtesy of We Heart Books

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(babyccino.) blogging update

I'm not well. My baby is not well. It seems everyone I know is sick or recovering or succumbing to some sort of illness. My posts will be a bit sporadic this week to verging on non-existent. So I thought I'd update you on what I've been writing about at Babyccino.

I found the most divine little boots - which I wish came in my size.

I have been caving into my book addiction.

I have been wanting to sew...

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(babyccino.) easter fun

What did you get up to this Easter? A highlight for me was watching Little C eat his first piece of chocolate - Haigh's, of course - in the form of an Easter egg, which was the perfect size for his chubby little hands. While I don't want to wish away the years, I can't wait for him to be old enough so we can do something like this together.

Image courtesy of Greekalicious

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(baby.inspiration) ingrid daniell

As you'll have seen here and here, I'm in love with Cocoon Couture. So I thought it was about time I found out a little more about this great little company. Here, the founder and creative director Ingrid Daniell opened up to Daily Imprint.

Which five words best describe you? Dreamy, happy, thoughtful, loving and passionate.
What was your first job and what path have you taken since then?My first...

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(babyccino.) kid-friendly restaurants

I'm quickly learning that have a little one is as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. I'm obsessed with the term "helicopter parenting" that I read in Cookiemagazine a little while back. There seems so much anxiety among the mothers I know about doing the right thing for their children. As my time is getting more and more stretched, I'm becoming more and more relaxed about being a mum....

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