Dearna Bondgrew up in an Italian family and food was central to her way of life. “My favourite way to spend the school holidays was in the kitchen with my Nonna shelling beans, bottling tomato sauce and making pasta from scratch,” she says. “There was something so honest and intrinsic about the way she cooked, never looking at a recipe but instead cooking by sight, feel and taste. It instilled in...

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After studying interior design and working in the food world for many years, it seemed a logical step to explore food styling, Lyndel Millersays. “I didn't expect to make a living out of it,” she says. “I never expected the success. I have an insatiable appetite for it ever since I started.” After Brisbane-based Lyndel made the decision in 2009, she says the phone started ringing, literally. “It...

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kitchen coquette by katrina meynink + cookbook giveaway!

Books make my world go round. They wake me up, inspire me during the day, and ease me into sleep at night-time. I was recently asked what was my most treasured possession, and I had to answer: my books. They're the only objects that have made every one of my many home moves.

I have featured a selection of books on Daily Imprint over the years. Just check out this link here. But I am also interested...

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photographer chris chen

It's always great to hear about an assistant who goes on to make a name for themselves. Chris Chen started out working for leading Sydney photographer Petrina Tinslay (who I interviewed here), and is now an in-demand photographer in her own right. She regularly used by magazines such as Gourmet Traveller, Conde Nast Traveller and Jamie Magazine. Chris has also photographed cookbooks for...

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stylist chantelle grady

Another unexpected find. Chantelle Grady is a stylist, photographer and designer. She was introduced to me by photographer Mindi Cooke. They have been collaborating together, and I can't wait to see the results. In the meantime, here is some of Chantelle's food styling and a link to her cute blog.

Which five words best describe you? Dreamy, shy, perfectionist, ambitious and self-driven.
How did you...

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photographer katie quinn davies

Hope you're not feeling hungry. I think these images could convert any food saint. They're the work of Katie Quinn Davies, an Irish photographer who has recently moved to Sydney. She's also a cook, food stylist and graphic designer. Who can compete with that! Her home was featured in the August issue of real living. I love that she decided to teach herself the skills she needed to change careers,...

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photographer armelle habib

I knew it was all going to work out okay. Or so at least I hoped. I had just returned from my overseas trip and was given just over one week's notice to style a major shoot for real living. The good news was that I was going to work with a photographer that real living style director Jason Grant had recommended highly. Armelle Habibearned her stripes training as an assistant not only with one of...

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globe's olivia buxton

In the latest issue of real living we have featured the gorgeous cafe Globe. I love it when cafes make an effort with their interiors. I have to say, Melbourne cafes seem to do this better than anywhere else in the country. I thought it would be interesting to learn a little more about one of its owners, Olivia Buxton.

Which five words best describe you?
Impatient, excitable, hopeful, happy,...

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cook book queen michele cranston

I went to the bookshop yesterday and was blown away by just how much shelf space is taken up by cookbooks. Everyone is obssessed with the idea of cooking - but, let's face it, how many of us make those tantalising recipes? Well, there's probably a couple of exceptions - for me, at least. Bill Granger's cookbooks and those by Michele Cranston. She was the pioneer, though, with all those beautiful -...

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